Board Competencies and Skills Program

Design an Effective Board Selection Process

When it’s time to add a new board member, many companies rely on “who they know,” whether or not the candidate is the best fit for the board seat. A well-governed board should include a selection process that evaluates each candidate across a range of skills and attributes.

DHR’s Board and CEO practice helps leading companies identify the board competencies unique to them, identify tools to assess new potential board members and build a pipeline of qualified leaders to fill future positions.

A CEO woman laughing at a board meeting.

Our board competency program is a structured and professional process to evaluate each new board director and considers:

  • Alignment of skills with strategic direction
  • Value added to the current board composition
  • Cultural fit with the current board
  • Time it will take to be an effective contributor
  • Board succession plan
  • Business acumen and strategic insight
  • Core industry or adjacent markets’ expertise
  • Geographic expertise and cultural fluency (focused on your major markets and channels)
  • Technical skills

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