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Next-Level Team Development

While teams are a powerful driver for success, high-functioning teams don’t simply happen – they must be built and fostered.

Developing Team Effectiveness

As organizations increasingly become lean, flat and global and offer highly complex products and services, performance shifts from individuals to teams. One person can’t solve today’s business challenges. It requires teams that are dedicated to finding solutions. Research suggests, however, that more than 73% of organizations don’t have a formal strategy for developing team effectiveness.

Using team strategy, vision and culture as a foundation, we determine if the group is working successfully and identify opportunities to improve.

With an eye to the individual as well as the group dynamic, our experts build a profile of the critical skills the team needs to drive change, together.

Create a customized development plan for the team, including workshops, growth opportunities and coaching.

Work with the team using mix of results- and action-oriented tools and accountability checkpoints.

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Our Approach

DHR uses a multiple assessment approach to identify critical team competencies, assess members’ strengths and opportunities and provide behavioral feedback to ensure great results, no matter the size or structure of your team.

Individual commitment is essential to the group effort, so we build plans that address both with behavioral feedback and actionable individual and group target goals.

Our composite team profile delivers an inclusive assessment of team member dynamics and work-style preferences.

DHR’s custom developmental plans accelerate desired growth and enhance team culture through a combination of assessment and feedback, experiential opportunities and coaching.

Transitions can be effective, whether they’re planned or not. Succession planning is a continuous process that may need to be reassessed as strategy, required skills and markets change.

Whether you need support for your internal program or a customized program, our solutions are tailored to fit. We ensure a long-term leadership pipeline, and our executive coaching and onboarding solutions make the succession process even more seamless.

Client Story: Executive Team Effectiveness

To enhance performance

Committed to setting the organization up for success today and into the future, the CEO of a food and beverage company sought to understand the executive team’s dynamics to capitalize on strengths and provide opportunities for development. Recognizing a need for support to take the organization to the next level, the CEO engaged DHR Leadership Consulting.

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