Client Story: Executive Team Effectiveness & Coaching to Enhance Performance

Committed to setting the organization up for success today and into the future, the CEO of a food and beverage company sought to understand the executive team’s dynamics to capitalize on strengths and provide opportunities for development.

Recognizing there was a need for team effectiveness and executive coaching support in order to take the organization to the next level, the CEO engaged DHR Leadership Consulting for assistance.


DHR performed the following:

  • Conducted one-on-one interviews with the CEO prior to assessment
  • Conducted Leap and Emotional Quotient 2.0 assessments of the CEO and executive team
  • Delivered individual and team debriefs for the team members
  • Provided executive coaching
  • Designed team effectiveness sessions

Benefits/Business Impact

  • Our assessment findings helped to integrate newer members into the existing team and provided the basis for further team development and coaching.
  • The Emotional Quotient 2.0 findings were key to keeping the team dynamics in balance, with each executive having specific action items for their growth.
  • Our work laid the foundation for a high-performing team including improved communication and collaboration and enhanced trust and mutual respect.
  • Ongoing team effectiveness and individual executive coaching are planned to help the team continue to realize desired outcomes and improve organizational performance.

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