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With DHR, you work directly with a top executive search firm and team that know the most about your industry and what matters in your world. Expect us to be accessible, agile, accountable and always connected with you and the future-ready leaders you need to move forward with confidence.

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Future Ready Leaders: Our Approach

Exceeding expectations is our culture. We’re committed to recruiting the best executive-level and board-ready talent in the world for you. With our reach, resourcefulness and relationships, we improve your recruiting process and help you better understand the market and competitive landscape.

Award-Winning Service

DHR’s superior client service and candidate experience has been recognized by Forbes and its list of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms.

Our Process

The key to successful executive search completion is a successful initiation. Our custom and flexible approach is designed to help you get the best possible hiring outcome.

  • Assess organization and position
  • Meet key constituents
  • Align with client on critical competencies for the role
  • Develop search strategy and priorities
  • Organize and execute research strategy
  • Contact sources and potential candidates
  • Weekly progress reporting/search calibration
  • Develop and prioritize top prospects
  • Comprehensive competency-based interviews
  • Heavy recruiting continues
  • Comprehensive competency-based candidate interviews
  • Lead psychometric assessment
  • Conduct detailed referencing around critical competencies
  • Conduct candidate meetings
  • Debrief competency evaluation and Leap assessment results with client
  • Review feedback to determine finalists
  • Conduct in-depth referencing around critical competencies and background checks
  • Offer negotiations and candidate counseling

Triple Check Assessment

Triple Check your next hire. DHR’s Triple Check delivers a detailed view of your candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and developmental needs. Most importantly, it helps determine the right fit for your culture.

Competency-Based Interviews

Provides alignment with five to seven critical competencies essential for success in the role

Evaluates candidate’s past performance to more accurately predict future behavior

Assesses candidate’s fit through structured behavioral interview questions

Leap Leadership Assessment

DHR’s proprietary assessment tool developed by Columbia University Ph.D.s and verified by leading organizational psychologists

Measures leadership traits and preferences

Helps assess cultural fit

360-Degree Referencing

Provides structured referencing

Allows input about candidates from peers, direct reports, managers and supervisors

Verifies hunches and asks targeted follow-up questions

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