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Executive Search with Higher ROI

DHR’s Private Equity Practice has been purpose-built to give you access to our most talented senior executive search consultants and leadership development teams – professionals who thrive on the pace and discipline applied by investors as they drive for investor returns.

We’re always connected with the true value creators in the market – hands-on leaders with discernible track records that know how to meet and exceed aggressive financial and strategic goals. Our consultants deliver impactful executives, faster than our competitors, allowing you to realize the return on investment you seek from an executive search and leadership development partner.

Breakdown of the industries where DHR recruits leaders

Agility Centered on You

We’ve successfully completed executive searches for portfolio companies across a range of funds with different investment strategies. This includes all sizes of private equity firms in various sectors, family offices, credit/distressed funds, hedge funds, activist investors, sovereign funds, angel investors, venture capital firms, pension funds and other investors that pursue a direct principal investing strategy.

Bottom line: We’re always connected and stay smart in your world.

Connected to Industry, Functional & Regional Expertise

To ensure a superior outcome, our PE practice regularly partners with DHR search consultants with industry, functional and regional experience. Learn more about our our areas of expertise:

Advanced Technology
Commercial Growth
Consumer & Retail
Financial Services
Life Science
Real Estate
Sustainable Infrastructure & Energy Funds

Breakdown of the roles where DHR recruits leaders

Recruiting C-Suite Leadership Teams

Working directly with PE firms and their talent teams, DHR’s executive search consultants focus on board, C-level and executive-level positions at portfolio companies, as well as operating partners and advisers.

We also have extensive experience placing investment, administrative and operational professionals in various funds.

Identify & Hire ‘Value Accelerator’ Leaders

DHR has developed models to help PE firms identify the profile of ‘Value Accelerator’ CEOs and CFOs.

Our practice is customized to help you find and hire highly-sought after leaders who demonstrate the industry and leadership competencies required for successful outcomes.

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