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Our healthcare executive search experience, amplified by our firsthand understanding of the healthcare and life science markets, provides value as we build long-term consultative relationships with clients. For every assignment, our team members bring a full understanding of the critical elements of patient care, the complexity of local and global markets and the nuances of navigating the regulatory and commercial environments around the world. Our process is supported by immediate access to an extensive global network of advisers and leaders who know your needs.

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Best-in-class Leadership

As with all segments of care, the aging population, health reforms and significant technological advancements continue to serve as key drivers of growth in this space and will continue to shape the future executives who lead it. Adding to the complexity of managing in this environment, poised leaders must balance the rigors of various government regulatory bodies and a high executive turnover. Combined, these market forces have placed a premium on finding best-in-class leadership.

Establishing Proficiencies

The opportunities and challenges in patient care have never been greater than they are today. That’s why the acquisition, development and retention of talent have never been more important.

We’ve established proficiencies across all functional areas of the industry, including boards of directors; the C-suite; vice president and director appointments, including:

  • General Management, Research & Development
  • Human Resources, Finance & Support Services
  • Medical
  • Operations
  • Quality
  • Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  • Technical, Scientific & Regulatory

DHR is a Modern Healthcare Largest Executive Search Firm, based
on total U.S. placements of senior-level healthcare executives.

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