Executive Search Firms See Demand for New Roles, Innovation

Modern Healthcare, Mari Devereaux, May 8, 2024

May, 2024

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MODERN HEALTHCARE: As healthcare organizations grapple with complexity, a survey of executive search firms conducted by Modern Healthcare reveals a trend: higher pay for leaders taking on expanded responsibilities. The C-suite compensation surge is fueled by consolidation and fierce talent competition. Innovative benefits and enticing offers from rival organizations are prompting leaders to consider new opportunities. Amid challenges like burnout and rising costs, healthcare CEOs must balance telehealth integration, financial management, and societal impact.

Peter Blau, Managing Partner, Global Healthcare Services & Solutions, emphasizes the need for executives with a strong understanding of healthcare operations and workforce strategies:

“Overall, our organizations are looking for leaders who are experienced, who have all areas of the health system in their purview, who have the ability to build strong board relationships, who can work with community leaders and who can influence legislators.”

Whether clinical or business-focused, experienced leaders who can drive change and build strong relationships are in high demand. Explore the full article to discover the five key executive market trends identified by the surveyed companies based on their client experiences in the past year.

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