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For decades now, digital technology has been increasingly integrated into everyday life and work—creating previously unimaginable visibility, efficiency and convenience for businesses in every industry and vertical.

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As the power of digital continues to evolve, companies are rushing en masse to create meaningful digital transformation, with 87% of senior business leaders reporting it’s a top priority for them. Yet McKinsey reports that less than 30% of all digital transformation initiatives succeed —and while you might expect digital laggards are only present in traditional industries, you’d be wrong. Among high tech, media, and telecom companies, the success rate does not exceed 26%.

But for those who succeed, the reward is well worth the effort. After all, digital leaders achieve earnings growth that is 1.8X higher. Last year, 45% of digitally mature companies reported revenue well above industry benchmarks—compared to only 15% of their less mature competitors.

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Transforming Digital Capabilities

The pace of change and innovation in technology and digital business strategies will only continue to accelerate.

DHR helps leading companies transform their digital capability by recruiting and developing executives who are digital-savvy change agents.

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