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People are the catalyst to driving growth, transforming organizations and outperforming your competition. Great leaders, teams and organizations don’t happen by accident.

Our Approach

We help organizations drive change through people. We cut through the clutter, helping you develop systems and processes that focus on the most important leadership attributes, skills and behaviors. The result? You’ll be able to achieve your business goals with top-tier talent.

Whether you need to find future CEO candidates or board members, create better teams or coach high-potential talent, we help you create an organization that’s ready to take on high-stakes, high-pressure and high-complexity decisions.

Individual Consulting

DHR Leadership Consulting advises clients on their most important leadership and talent management challenges. Selecting and developing the right talent helps organizations, of all shapes and sizes, achieve maximum impact and economic value.

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Team Effectiveness

While teams are a powerful driver for success, high-functioning teams don’t simply happen – they must be built and fostered.

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Organizational Development

Whether your need is identifying future board candidates, planning future leadership transitions or redesigning the organization structure, our team of experienced professionals partner with you to develop and execute pragmatic solutions.

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Christine Greybe

President, Leadership Consulting

As President of DHR’s Leadership Consulting services, Christine leads a global team of experts who help organizations identify and develop executives who are ready to take on high-stakes, high-pressure, and high-complexity decisions.

Introducing: Leader Lens

Proven to Predict Performance: Leader Lens directly correlates to executive performance.

Developed with in-depth interviews and performance data that reveal how to best predict whether an individual possesses essential traits that make leaders successful.

The proven case study approach and methodology provide an analysis that is predictive of future executive performance.

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