Foresight into Executive Performance

Imagine a Tool Capable of Forecasting Future Performance

A strategic advantage in the corporate realm.

Utilizing a case study approach, Leader Lens delves into the fundamental aptitudes required for executive excellence, encompassing leadership agility, and analytical, social and emotional intelligence.

DHR employs a multifaceted strategy, incorporating personality tests, past behavioral interviews, and a focus on leadership agility to gain a profound understanding of an executive’s prospective performance.

Proven to Predict Performance

Leader Lens provides a direct correlation to executive performance.

Developed with in-depth interviews and performance data that reveal how to best predict whether an individual possesses essential traits that make leaders successful.

The proven case study approach and methodology provide an analysis that is predictive of future executive performance.

3 X

An unsuccessful senior-level hire conservatively costs the organization 3x the executive’s annual salary.

10 X

A leader in the top 2% of the talent distribution in a critical role will deliver exponential business impact compared to an average hire.

Justin Menkes, Ph.D.

Partner, Leadership Consulting

Justin Menkes, PhD., is a leadership expert, author, and creator behind Leader Lens. Renowned for impactful contributions to executive development, Justin emphasizes character traits like integrity, resilience, and emotional intelligence in successful leadership.

His influential books, including “Better Under Pressure: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Others” and “Executive Intelligence: What All Great Leaders Have,” and consulting work have left a strong mark on executive development, aiding numerous leaders in achieving success.

Justin’s expertise has garnered recognition, including features in Harvard Business Review, further solidifying his impact in the field.

What to Expect

  • Highly structured dialog about business situations and scenarios
  • Online, real-time, verbal format
  • Video clips showcasing candidate’s executive aptitude
  • Results quantified by comparing to a global database
  • Used globally with managers and executives
  • Scenarios created from real-life business dilemmas

Our Approach

Using a case study approach, we assess the aptitudes that executives need to excel.

Analytic Intelligence

When accomplishing tasks uses skilled judgment as a guide to thought and action.

Social Intelligence

Recognizes the different perspectives of individuals in complex interpersonal situations.

Emotional Intelligence

Values constructive criticism by using it to improve personal thoughts and actions.

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