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The executive search consultants in DHR Global’s Consumer & Retail Practice have extensive experience providing executive search to a variety of consumer organizations. Our team delivers unsurpassed marketplace knowledge and insight to each engagement, helping companies identify, recruit, hire and onboard top consumer talent through our executive search services.

DHR’s clients range from midsize companies to leading Fortune 500 multi-national consumer goods and services organizations, including digitally native and lifestyle brands. We serve them with industry domain expertise to ensure an exceptional search experience and a successful hiring process.

Industry-Leading Two-Year Guarantee

DHR Global offers a two-year guarantee for select searches. If the candidate we help you hire is let go or resigns within two years, we will conduct the search again.

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Standing Out in the Competitive Marketplace

Companies in today’s competitive marketplace require leaders who can help drive growth and profitability – executives who serve as change agents, who possess a thorough understanding of new marketing formats and techniques and who can communicate a long-term strategic vision for the organization.

DHR’s team of consumer and retail search consultants understand the opportunities organizations face and are devoted to help leading companies to find talented executives with the skills needed to succeed in this complex environment.

Building Industry Relationships

The Consumer & Retail Practice Group takes a consultative approach and is committed to establishing mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with each of our clients. We have the relationships and experience to successfully complete each assignment in the shortest, most efficient process possible.

With our keen industry insight and a deep understanding of business cultures, we place executives across various consumer and retail sectors, including:

Beauty, Personal Health & Wellness

Since the beauty and cosmetics industry has evolved to include wellness and personal health, it is critical that leaders deliver strategies that are ahead of the trend curve. Consumers are no longer simply interested in products that enhance their appearance but also want products that promote their well-being and make them feel good.

To meet these changing demands, our consultants work with companies to find and hire the right key executives to position them for long-term market success.

Consumer Services

Today’s leaders at successful consumer services organizations are focused on meeting the needs and expectations of customers, such as greater convenience, high quality, excellent service, and competitive pricing. With ever-changing consumer demands, consumer services executives must develop innovative plans to drive future growth while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

DHR helps companies connect with leaders who drive change. As a trusted talent adviser and executive recruitment search firm, leading consumer services companies look to us to provide personalized service and to deliver a successful search outcome.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry demands leaders that can quickly adapt to changing government regulations and shifts in the labor force. Regardless of company size, food and consumable producers face environmental changes and intensifying demands and executives must demonstrate real-world experience driving growth and leading through change. 

Our experienced team of food and beverage search consultants specialize in identifying talent that meets your unique needs, ensuring that you have access to the best pool of potential candidates to help your company meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


From multi-unit franchises to opportunities in home services, you need executive leadership to drive success at the corporate level through to your franchisees. Identifying highly organized and motivated professionals with prior experience in growing franchise businesses is vital in your talent search.

With industry expertise and a highly collaborative process, we consistently deliver successful search outcomes. Our team of franchise executive search consultants have the experience and network to provide you with exceptional leaders to support your goals and growth.

Grocery & Convenience

Grocery & convenience is an essential, yet extremely turbulent, market. Retail executives are stretched to deliver innovation and new products that attract and retain customers, while consistently delivering fresh grocery products at slim margins and with an efficient supply chain.

DHR is a trusted talent advisor and executive recruiting firm that helps companies connect with leaders who can explore trends and drive growth and reshape the world of grocery and convenience.

Home & Consumer Durables

From operations to marketing and finance to R&D, successful home and consumer durables companies are seeking executive leaders who can maintain growth and drive expansion to stay ahead of the market and consumer trends.

As focused home and consumer durables executive search specialists, we capitalize on our well-established resources, substantial industry knowledge and developed networks to identify and recruit the most qualified candidates.

Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel retail executives must be creative and efficient to maximize multiple channels and touchpoints across the customer ecosystem to provide buyers with a seamless shopping experience. Industry leading executives are helping their organizations drive more sales and traffic by leading the charge for integrating digital touchpoints throughout the customer journey and increasing product availability.

Our retail executive recruiters specialize in finding the top talent you need to help skillfully leverage offline and digital spaces to market and deliver products to consumers, whether it’s web, mobile or brick-and-mortar stores.

Restaurant, Hospitality & Leisure

Consumer demand and rapidly evolving trends require the restaurant and hospitality industry to adapt quickly and efficiently to stay competitive. From quick service and fine dining restaurants to casino gaming to hotels and resorts, companies are seeking leaders who can quickly adapt to new technology and other industry shifts while consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience.

As a top executive search firm, DHR delivers the agile, growth-oriented leaders to help your company stay on top of trends and drive growth. 

Sustainability & Purpose Driven

It is essential to prove your brand is purpose-driven and sustainable, with your actions matching your business’s core mission. Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices, so being transparent about your values is important.

Companies have found success in hiring individuals who can align a brand’s core mission with its actions to build loyalty. Leaders in this industry understand that being authentic about values and actions is important to attract more consumers and be more socially and economically responsible.

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Our search consultants specialize in identifying and securing top talent in the consumer and retail industry. We are committed to working with you to understand your unique requirements and provide tailored solutions to meet your talent acquisition needs. Contact us today to get started on finding the perfect fit for your role.

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