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Innovative Apparel & Fashion Leaders Driving Growth

Successful apparel and fashion companies require talented, future-minded executives who set winning strategies and drive innovation in a highly competitive market.

DHR Global’s expert consumer and retail consultants connect you with top-tier fashion executives with the skills and experience needed to enhance your organization.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Apparel & Fashion Brand

DHR works with leading fashion and apparel companies from high-end apparel to casual attire. We identify leaders who can adapt to changing consumer expectations and deliver return-on-investment.

Partnering with our clients, we deliver executives who are passionate about their careers, making a meaningful impact in their respective roles and positive cultural contributions as they go. This approach allows us to foster long-term relationships with our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

Exceeding expectations is our culture. We’re committed to recruiting the best executive-level talent in the world for you. With our reach, resourcefulness and relationships, we improve your recruiting process and help you better understand the market and competitive landscape.

  • Customized talent advisory – A “global boutique” firm that has services designed to meet each client’s need
  • Creative and flexible partnership – Partners empowered to work closely with clients across a wide range of services
  • High-touch experienceSenior-level professionals you can trust and who are hands-on in your executive search
  • Effective and efficient process – Organized, transparent process that includes ongoing reporting
  • Client and candidate community – Creating forums for learning and engagement around key industry topics

DHR Recruitment Process

Our apparel and fashion executive search capabilities are fueled by our custom and flexible approach, designed to help you get the best possible hiring outcome.

  • Assess organization and position
  • Meet key constituents
  • Align with you on critical competencies for the role
  • Develop search strategy and priorities
  • Organize and execute research strategy

Board & CEO level searches also include strategic discussions are held with board members, investors and other stakeholders to determine your goals and what talent is required to accomplish them. A highly structured skills matrix is created to uncover gaps in board expertise and succession.

  • Contact sources and potential candidates
  • Weekly progress reporting/search calibration
  • Develop and prioritize top prospects
  • Comprehensive competency-based interviews

For Board & CEO searches, the Identify and Qualify phases are extremely research intensive. The DHR Partner reaches out to candidates directly, to determine cultural and behavioral fit, after extensive research has identified the appropriate match in terms of experience and personal characteristics.

  • Heavy recruiting continues
  • Comprehensive competency-based candidate interviews
  • Lead psychometric assessment
  • Conduct detailed referencing around critical competencies
  • Conduct candidate meetings
  • Debrief competency evaluation and Leap assessment results with you
  • Review feedback to determine finalists
  • Conduct in-depth referencing around critical competencies and background checks
  • Offer negotiations and candidate counseling

At the Board & CEO level, the DHR Team advises your board in conducting a formal governance process leading to the selection of the best candidate.

Partner with DHR Global for Your Recruitment Needs

At DHR, we strive to place the most innovative leaders with the potential to drive growth and disrupt trends in the apparel and fashion industry. Using a tried and tested recruitment process, our executive recruiters bring you fashion and apparel executives who add value to your unique business and culture. Contact us today.

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