Corporate Affairs & Communications

Driving Growth with Impactful Corporate Communications Leaders

DHR Global’s Corporate Affairs & Communications Practice assists companies to recruit and hire talent focused on corporate reputation.

Communications executives are playing leading roles in transformation within organizations – these roles are not only limited to employee communications, public relations, and corporate reputation management, but also includes communication strategies and sharing perspectives encompassing ESG, CSR, social justice, government affairs, diversity and philanthropy.

Recognizing world-changing and challenging objectives, communications executives are skilled in guiding transformation within the organization to reflect a company’s brand and reputation.

Executive Search for Corporate Affairs & Communications Professionals

Communications executives are at the forefront of recognizing and driving change within their organizations. Today, executives are responsible for communicating internally and externally within their organization, while maintaining the corporate reputation and improving the stories around ESG, CSR, social justice, government affairs, diversity and philanthropy.

We connect you with leaders across key functional areas, including:

C-Level Communications Leaders

  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Senior Vice President Roles

  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Marketing and Communications

Department Head, Senior Director and Vice President Roles

  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Internal Communications
  • External Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Financial Communication
  • Investor Relations
  • CSR or ESG Communications
  • Executive Communications
  • Product Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Consumer Communications
  • Brand Marketing
  • Integrated Communications

Government Affairs Executive Search

Looking for executives who will drive your organization’s success in the ever-evolving landscape of government affairs? We combine our expertise in Corporate Communications and Legal to find the best talent for this key role. With an extensive network of government affairs professionals, policymakers, and influencers, we provide access to exceptional candidates.

Jessica Bayer

Managing Partner, Corporate Affairs & Communications

Jessica serves as the Managing Partner of DHR’s Corporate Affairs & Communications Practice, based in Washington, D.C. With a strong, global network and experience leading C-level searches within the communications space, Jessica develops and maintains strong relationships with industry leaders, understands the evolving nature of agencies and is a trusted advisor to her clients.

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