Healthcare Services Executive Search

Finding Innovative Leaders in Complex and Regulated Industries

Health care services and solutions companies are creating innovative solutions in an increasingly complex and shifting regulatory environment.

DHR’s health care services consultants are talent advisers who have a global perspective and an understanding of how health care really works. We’re a trusted executive search partner to senior health care leaders at companies from early stage startups to large public organizations.

Private equity and venture capital firms that are active in the health care space also rely on DHR to help them identify and develop executives to lead their innovative companies in this highly competitive market. We’re connected to forward-thinking leaders who are leading their companies to advance the industry.

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The major areas of specialization that we focus on are:

  • Specialty Segment
    • Private Equity/Venture Capital
    • Payer Services
    • Provider Services
  • Leadership Expertise
    • Boards of Directors
    • CEOs
    • All Executive-level and C-suite Roles
  • Functional Expertise
    • Operations
    • Compliance
    • Medical/Clinical Leadership
    • Human Resources Executives
    • Information Technology
    • Legal and Government Affairs

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