Time-Tested Fundamental Skills of Leadership: A Q&A with Keith Giarman

Benefits Pro, Lily Peterson, August 2, 2023

August, 2023

In the Media

BENEFITS PRO: What does the future of leadership look like? In this article from Lily Peterson at Benefits Pro, Keith Giarman, Managing Partner, Global Private Equity Practice, shares his insights on the fundamental skills a leader should have.

“The world of technology and the industries beyond it are constantly evolving with disruptive business models and a vacillating economy – but what needs a true reevaluation and reset are the fundamentals of leadership in this new world.

Business is about people. People will follow the people that they trust.

Aside from proficiency in technology, there are four time-tested skills every leader should have. agility and awareness, honesty and transparency, articulate and believable, and strategic and willful.”

Read the article here.

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