SoonHo Hong, Ph.D.

Leadership Consultant

A Seoul-based leadership consultant, SoonHo is experienced in helping organizations drive sustainable growth and business expansion through people and process improvement.

SoonHo Hong, Ph.D.


He uses a range of services and tools to support his clients including assessment and coaching, organization design, functional alignment and integration, succession planning, and team effectiveness.

His career began in research and education at a national research institute and university in Korea. SoonHo then became an entrepreneur and founded and acquired many companies, taking some of them public. He has remarkable track record as a global business leader in a US-based multinational conglomerate where he successfully led large multi-functional and multi-cultural teams in a global environment. In recent years, SoonHo has been serving as an advisor and leadership coach for several public companies, supporting business growth and increasing company value through improvement of people, organization, and processes.

SoonHo has strong technical background and human network in diverse industries including mechanics, electronics, chemistry, software, IT, instrumentation and control, as well as professional insight in sales, marketing, finance, R&D, quality, and integrated supply chain.

He holds a Ph.D. degree in instrumentation and control, as well as master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Seoul National University in Korea.

Individual Consulting

Whether your organization is identifying future C-level and executive candidates, coaching high-potential talent or onboarding key new hires, our team of experienced professionals partner with you to design and deliver pragmatic solutions.
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Organizational Development

Whether your need is identifying future board candidates, planning future leadership transitions or redesigning the organization structure, our team of experienced professionals partner with you to develop and execute pragmatic solutions.
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Team Effectiveness

As organizations increasingly become lean, flat and global and offer highly complex products and services, performance shifts from individuals to teams. One person can't solve today’s business challenges. It requires teams that are dedicated to finding solutions. Research suggests, however, that more than 73% of organizations don't have a formal strategy for developing team effectiveness.
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