Organizational Structure and Design Consultants

Structures and Systems That Align With Your Strategy ​

Accelerate business results with a comprehensive and wholistic organizational framework.​

What We Do

Shifting mind-sets, leadership alignment, and clear criteria give the biggest boost to organizational design efforts​.

In the past year over 96% of CEOs reported a shift in the strategic direction of their businesses. Strategy and goals have a direct impact on organizational design. The framework includes the structure, processes and systems, as well as helping people to adapt to new ways of working. ​

Three Key Triggers for Organizational Design

  • New challenges​
  • Different strategic priorities​
  • The current systems and processes are outdated and no longer fit the purpose​

Organizational Structure Design Starts Here

DHR’s Organizational Structure and Design framework helps companies take a clear, strategic look at the alignment between process and systems and how that drives the talent strategy of the organization.

  • ​Define the organizing principle(s) based on strategy​
  • Streamline core business processes and procedures​
  • Organize peoples’ roles around structure and core processes to reduce/minimize silos and redundancy and increase accountability​
  • Define tasks, functions and competencies, and align with performance metrics​

During this process, we will address:

  • How has your strategy changed?
  • What is the impact for business goals?
  • Are there any changes to your key differentiators?
  • What are the key processes across the organization?
  • How should they change?
  • What systems enable processes, efficiencies and scale?
  • How will they change?
  • What new skills or capabilities are required to execute the strategy?
  • What will be the impact to teams?
  • How does this change the organization structure?
  • What is the organizing rationale?

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