Clarify Board Focus and Improve Effectiveness

Crucial to fostering high-performing boards, board evaluation drives successful corporate governance.

Board Effectiveness

Beyond a New York Stock Exchange requirement, evaluation of a company’s board of directors is now viewed as a best practice for all public and private companies. As self-evaluations are often ineffective, boards increasingly seek external advisers to provide feedback on board culture, structure and composition – and to ensure that critical stakeholders and constituencies are represented.


Our process ties to your areas of importance, including purpose, strategy, structure, responsibilities, risk management, culture and partnership.


We uncover opportunities through interviews with key stakeholders, focusing on the board’s top areas of concern. Our interview-based process provides insights beyond online assessments.


Based on input and best practices, we develop insights and a road map of action steps.

Key Findings

Our board evaluation process delivers a report and debrief of issues or concerns, clarifies common objectives and ensures a cohesive team moving forward.

Our Approach

Our board evaluation process clarifies goals and improves accountability by delivering objective feedback for individual directors, committees and the board.

Customized for You

Our interview-based process provides insights beyond online assessments and is focused on the board’s top areas of concern.

Inclusion in Mind

As diversity increases at the board level, inclusion becomes a key issue. Our process ensures all members have space to contribute and grow.

Driving High Performance

Neutral, third-party evaluation helps everyone ensure they’re contributing to a well-functioning board that can drive transformation.

Steps You Can Take Today

We provide actionable steps that can be implemented immediately to improve board functioning.

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