The Executive’s Club of Chicago Panel: Board Governance in a Dynamic Business Climate: Merging Profit and Purpose

October 15, 2021

Virtual (Chicago, IL)

Serving on a board, whether for- or non-profit, isn’t the same as even a decade ago. Neither is it for those who provide counsel and services to ensure responsible board governance. In this conversation, we explore how our short term focus and goal-setting impacts long term performance and the role board members and professional service providers play in this planning. Brought to you by The Executives’ Club’s Professional Services Forum, DHR’s Lisa Walker will moderate this event that will explore critical considerations such as:
  • Board Structure and Representation: How are organizations responding to changing shareholder and employee expectations about diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Company Culture and Values: How are board members setting the tone and leading by example when it comes to the social culture and behavior of an organization?
  • Stakeholders and Shareholders: How do boards balance their responsibility to turn a profit for shareholders while proactively managing the expectations of stakeholders? 
Join us on August 6 to participate in this discussion about the changing roles and responsibilities of those who serve on boards, and the professionals who advise and support their duties. Register here.

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