Pharmaceutical Executive Search

The Formula for Successful Talent Search

Drug discovery and its eventual development into viable therapeutics is the goal of most early stage firms as well as large pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical landscape is being disrupted by digital transformation, building new formulas for success that include blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and precision medicine. Finding the talent that can address the digital, regulatory, operational and commercial aspects of the pharmaceutical industry is a clear challenge.

DHR’s pharmaceutical team includes talent advisers and executive search consultants who understand this world. We help a range of companies, large and small, including brand developers, generic manufacturers, distributors, marketers and retail.

Efficient pharmacy operations thanks to teamwork

Areas of specialty within the pharmaceutical sector include:

  • C-level
  • Boards
  • Finance
  • Information Technology and Digital Transformation
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing and Operations
  • Regulatory and Quality
  • Clinical
  • Scientific
  • Commercial

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