Client Story: Diversity Across Functional Leads

A large, non-profit organization in the senior living space was at the helm of a newly hired CEO after operating with an interim CEO for 18 months. During that period, many departments were operating without senior leaders, so time was of the essence for the new CEO to build his team. After working with another search firm without success, the CEO turned to DHR.

November 1, 2021




Expertise: The CEO first engaged us to recruit the Chief Information Officer. Quick success in that search led to the CEO engaging us to recruit the Chief People Officer. We were then awarded the opportunity to conduct searches for the General Counsel and a Regional Vice President. Our team’s deep functional expertise gave us a significant understanding of each role, allowing us to expertly vet the candidates.

Diversity: Building a diverse team of leaders was a high priority for our client. As part of our standard approach to bringing diversity into each executive search, we delivered a large slate that included diverse candidates for every role. The candidates met the client’s desired criteria, offering strong options to create the diverse leadership team he desired.

Culture: Culture fit was also important to this organization, and substantial buy-in was needed from the existing team. This created a longer, more extensive interview process and a higher bar for selection. To keep candidates engaged and avoid losing them to another opportunity, we helped our client maintain a steady momentum and ensured the candidates understood the importance of alignment on both sides.


From our demonstrated subject matter expertise to our seamless process and delivery of high-quality, diverse candidates who fit the culture, we met our client’s expectations and continued to earn more searches. Our work led to diverse placements for his three direct reports. 

The CEO was pleased with the range of talent and the speed with which we were able to complete the searches.

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