Client Story: Onboarding & Team Effectiveness to Quickly Integrate New Executives

After a significant restructuring, a private university had hired two new executives in administration – a VP of Enrollment and a COO/CFO. These executives were to become part of a newly formed senior leadership team.

With strategic planning right around the corner, the newly hired executives had limited time to get up to speed before taking on this crucial aspect of their new role.

To ensure the new leaders were prepared to step into their roles and that the entire senior leadership team was aligned, the client turned to DHR Leadership Consulting for onboarding and team effectiveness support.


Onboarding for New Executives: We created and implemented an onboarding process customized to address the unique needs and potential challenges for each new executive. Onboarding included assessment of the new executives using DiSC® and interviews with key stakeholders to understand and set expectations.

Team Effectiveness for Senior Leadership Team: We performed a group assessment of the team using DiSC® and facilitated a team development work session to help them understand how to best function as a team. In addition, we conducted a six-month follow-up with the group to measure success.

Benefits/Business Impact

  • Our onboarding process successfully integrated the new executives into the organization, and the executives were ready to move right into the strategic planning process.
  • By helping the client identify and communicate expectations and priorities, the senior leadership team was able to establish productive working relationships.
  • Pleased with the quality of our onboarding and team effectiveness work, the client engaged us to perform a culture survey and executive coaching of a key leader as a next step – demonstrating our expertise in guiding clients with a wholistic approach at the individual, team, and organization levels.

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