Company Wellness Programs: Helping Your Employees Thrive

September 29, 2023

Burnout can turn a happy, healthy, and motivated employee into a disengaged and unproductive team member. By prioritizing employee well-being, you can drive higher job satisfaction, increased retention rates, and a more positive company culture.

At DHR, we believe that a strong, fulfilled, and supported team is essential for delivering the best-in-class service that our clients expect.  Our wellness program, Life@DHR, is an internal employee-owned and operated program dedicated to motivating, retaining, and engaging our team members. We custom-designed Life@DHR to support DHR employees by providing opportunities for continued career growth while ensuring ample time to refresh and unplug. In addition to providing ongoing training and support, Life@DHR hosts global exercise challenges, wellness week, healthy habit building, and cooking with wellness.

We are excited to share our five essential tips to enhance your company’s employee well-being:

  • Implement work-life balance initiatives: Encourage employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Team members who take breaks throughout the day and set boundaries between work and personal life are often better able to recharge physically and emotionally. Also, providing flexible work schedules and opportunities for remote work can help reduce stress.
  • Promote physical well-being: Building a wellness program that promotes exercise, healthy eating, and overall physical well-being is critical to having a motivated workforce. Your company’s program can encourage team members to participate in gym memberships, yoga, or meditation classes and practice healthy eating habits in the workplace. As employees engage in regular physical activity, they will see an increase in energy levels, reduced burnout, and improved overall health.
  • Prioritize mental health support: As you develop your wellness program, consider creating an environment that supports mental health. Providing tools and resources to your employees can help them navigate stress at work, improve morale, and lead to greater organizational health.
  • Encourage open communication: Fostering a safe workplace can help employees feel comfortable expressing their concerns and ideas. That can improve relationships between colleagues and managers, reduce misunderstandings, and increase overall job satisfaction.
  • Provide Opportunities for Professional Development: There are many ways your employee wellness program can help team members grow and learn new skills. Training, mentoring, coaching, and feedback can help employees reach their career goals. Your wellness program should encourage your team to pursue their interests and passions and support them with resources and recognition.

With health and well-being as a focus, your company can create a positive work environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and loyalty. Follow these steps to begin – or relaunch – a wellness program that supports your team members’ physical and mental health.

DHR Global is a proud recipient of the Aetna Gold Well-being Award.

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