Conscious Consumerism: Purpose-Driven Brands: Pre & Post COVID-19

June 1, 2020

Over the past months, we’ve enjoyed energetic and informative conversations with Melanie Bender at Versed, Kristy Caylor at For Days, Hillary Peterson at True Botanicals and Felix Strand at Pixi Beauty.

Whether we are pre, post, or right in the midst of COVID–19, as conscious consumerism gains more traction in the marketplace, there are distinct ways you can lead your business in a way that breeds success while doing some good for our global community.

“As a community, we’re transitioning from good for me to good for us.”


Passion with Purpose

Conscious, sustainable consumerism is the true future of retail. Long term, sustainability is smarter and more profitable – and the industry is catching on. As the client base grows, so will profits.

Progress, Not Perfection

Sustainability is the new frontier of the retail/consumer industries. Every effort – no matter how large or small – makes an impact. It’s important to remember that what it means to be sustainable and conscious is ever evolving. What your brand needs/can do will also evolve over time – where you start might not be the place where you end.

Receive. Return. Recycle.

Consumers crave better options – by making the choice straightforward and easy, they’ll be more likely to make the “better” choice.

Community First

The way the community experiences the products/brand reinforces the value proposition of the brand and the movement. Community is internal as well as external – a brand is only as good as the team behind it. Sustainability is about getting there together, not about one person “winning” and then going home.


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Post COVID-19 Statistics

In a poll of leading purpose-driven brand companies:

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View the PDF: Conscious Consumerism Takeaways

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