Private Equity Recruiting: The Widening War for Leadership

May 1, 2019


Leadership is the new bottom line for private equity operating executives seeking top talent for their portfolio  businesses. Here’s why. 

Managing Partner of our Private Equity Practice, Keith Giarman, was featured in Hunt Scanlon’s Talent Leadership Report discussing the growing talent dilemma unfolding at private equity firms, specifically challenges facing smaller mid-market PE portfolio companies.

According to Hunt Scanlon, the PE sector can expect to see an expanding bidding war for top talent over the next decade. Driving the trend: persistent global talent shortages across the C-suite in most industries and functions, including finance, healthcare and biotech, digital and technology.

The report demonstrates that value creation for private equity firms is no longer beholden to financial engineering. Instead, returns are best maximized by building top flight management teams to drive revenue, find operating efficiencies and transform culture. While the PE sector is in the crosshairs of a widening war for leadership, reports Hunt Scanlon, that leadership is the new bottom line for PE operating executives seeking top talent for their portfolio businesses.


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