U.S. Congress Sends Record Number of Delegates to COP28

At this year’s COP, the U.S. Government showcased unprecedented bipartisan collaboration by sending three delegations comprising nearly 20 members from both parties from the House and Senate. The Republican-led House Energy & Commerce Committee notably sponsored one of these historic bipartisan delegations, a first in COP history. Carla Tully, a Board Member of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum (CRES), discussed her perspective on the delegations’ objectives and shared critical outcomes of this historic event.

December 20, 2023

CRES is a Washington D.C.-based policy and advocacy organization that engages Republican Party members to address global emissions through U.S. policymaking.

As a seasoned Executive and Board Member with over 20 years of Energy and Infrastructure experience, Carla brings thoughtful and poignant insights to conversations around climate change and energy transition and security. Listen to Carla’s views on the achievements reached at COP28 and how it compared to the first she attended in 2009 in Copenhagen.

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