3 Leadership Questions You Should Ask Every Candidate — and Why the Answers Matter

Fast Company, Keith Giarman, July 18, 2023

July, 2023

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FAST COMPANY: There’s a natural tendency for businesses to look to “new leadership” when the world feels upside-down, says Keith Giarman, Managing Partner, Global Private Equity Practice.

In this Fast Company article, Keith provides insights on three leadership questions you should ask every candidate, and why the answers matter in both the short and long term.

Adjust your search strategy toward candidates offering both time-sensitive and evergreen qualities — and away from leaders who check buzzword boxes like “resilient” and “transformational” to significantly shorten the time it takes to fill your biggest roles, says Giarman.

By the time you’re vetting someone for a high-level position, they usually have enough name recognition to go beyond a résumé. Right? Wrong. I’ve seen enough CEO and executive credentials to say we don’t scrutinize the résumés and CVs of our potential future leadership as intensely as we should.

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