C-Suite Turnover Happening at Rapid Rate, and Here’s Why

Yahoo! Finance, Alexandra Garfinkle and Brooke DiPalma, August 19, 2023

August, 2023

In the Media

YAHOO! FINANCE: A high CEO turnover rate has been hitting many companies, and these C-suite changes tend to mirror changes in the wider workforce. Keith Giarman, Managing Partner, Global Private Equity Practice met with Alexandra Garfinkle and Brooke DiPalma for Yahoo! Finance to discuss why this trend is happening:

“In many cases, CEOs have taken very tough and necessary action to right-size their workforce and organizational structures. When you add all this up, coupled with the overarching workforce trend of prioritizing work-life balance, these impacts are being reflected on the C-suite level as well. Is it any wonder CEOs are not necessarily geared up for the next iteration of the market, regardless of how much money we are paying them?”

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