Future Ready Leaders: Diversity & Inclusion with Everett Harper

December, 2020

Video & Audio

DHR International and Elevate Partners’ Future Ready Leaders series asks CEOs and other top leaders what it takes to be a successful leader now and as we prepare for the future.

Here, Everett Harper, CEO and Founder of Truss, shares best practices for managing remote teams and how his company’s distributed model has led to an increase in diversity and inclusion:

Hear more insights in this video:


Playbook: Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams

Truss’ Distributed Playbook provides tips to increase effectiveness, productivity, and connections among teams in addition to the tools and practices that will best support your employees, culture, and objectives. Get the playbook here.



About Everett Harper

Everett is founder and CEO of Truss, a company he created with his cofounders to make technology responsive to time, attention, and energy. Everett’s expertise is in customer development, a technique that combines customer behavior with ethnography to inform product and business development. He has built a remarkable and a strong culture at Truss around a distributed model with cutting edge tools to facilitate collaboration.
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About Truss

Truss is a fast-growing digital product design and development company. The team at Truss works side by side with clients to design, build, and scale modern software that exceeds standards for speed and security. Its research-based approach builds a software foundation that allows organizations to scale and automate.
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