Future Ready Leaders: Purpose with Theresa Auld

July, 2021

Video & Audio

DHR International’s Future Ready Leaders series asks senior leaders what it takes to be a successful leader now and as we prepare for the future.

Theresa Auld, Director of Human Resources at Haws Corporation®, shares how the company’s strong values combined with frequent communication were central to successfully leading the organization and engaging employees through the pandemic:

Hear more insights from Theresa in this video:


About Theresa Auld

Theresa Auld serves as the Director of Human Resources for Haws Corporation. She has a solid background in all areas of Human Resources including strategic planning, employee coaching, engagement, recruitment, training and development, benefits and compensation administration, retention, budgeting and employment law.

About Haws Corporation

Haws Corporation is a fifth generation, family-owned company founded in 1906 after the patent of the drinking fountain by Luther Haws. As a global organization, Haws Corporation builds drinking fountains and emergency response products, providing hydration, safety, and tempering solutions. Learn more at hawsco.com.


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