Investment Banking Faultlines Trigger European Job Shake-up

Reuters, Sinead Cruise, May 19, 2023

May, 2023

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REUTERS: Financial services roles saw a 67% increase in applications globally in Q1 2023 as compared to the same period last year.

Jeanne E. Branthover, Managing Partner, Global Financial Services/Fintech Practice, spoke to Sinead Cruise at Reuters about what’s driving increased activity in the European financial services job market in “Investment Banking Faultlines Trigger European Job Shake-up.”

“Europe is lifting hiring freezes and in some cases finding that exceptional talent, once untouchable, is now recruitable,” Jeanne Branthover, New York-based Managing Partner and Head of Financial Services Practice at DHR Global, told Reuters.

“This is causing firms in Europe to re-evaluate their own people to determine if they measure up to the new standard of remarkable talent that has suddenly become available,” she said.

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