The CFO Role (and Paycheck) Doesn’t Look How it Used To

BenefitsPro, Jeanne E. Branthover, December 7, 2023

December, 2023

In the Media

BENEFITSPRO: In a 2020 survey of CEOs, 82% predicted the role of CFO would increase in importance. They turned out to be right. Jeanne Branthover, Managing Partner, Global Financial Services/Fintech Practice, shares how changing C-suite responsibilities have advanced the career trajectory and pay for finance leaders, as featured in BenefitsPro:

“More than any other C-suite leaders, CFOs are taking responsibilities off CEOs’ plates and demonstrating their strategic value in steering companies through challenging macroeconomic landscapes. As a result, the traditional boundaries between the CEO and CFO roles are blurring – leading organizations to rethink the ideal CFO profile (and paycheck).”

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