To Return to Work or Stay Home–Why that’s Not the Right Question

Employee Benefit News, Deanna Cuadra, April 18, 2024

April, 2024

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EMPLOYEE BENEFIT NEWS: How can employers ensure they’re fostering the most productive and connected work environment for their employees as they navigate the return-to-office debate? Keith Giarman, Managing Partner, Global Private Equity Practice, emphasizes the importance of determining which work structure will best support their employees’ performance and well-being.

According to Keith, the optimal work structure is the one that empowers leaders to foster relationships with their teams and broader networks, enabling them to identify individuals with growth potential aligned with the company’s goals. While the focus on in-person work often revolves around fostering personal connections, he highlights that this may not hold true for all organizations.

“Whether you’re remote or not, companies should be focused on whether they have the right people in the right seats in your organization. At the end of the day, if you don’t activate the people who are actually doing the work to retain them, then you will have a hard time hitting your financial objectives.”

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