Why AI Advancement Demands More Women in Boardrooms and C-Suite Roles

WorkLife, Cloey Callahan, March 7, 2024

March, 2024

In the Media

WORKLIFE: In an interview with WorkLife, Kathryn Ullrich, Managing Partner, shares invaluable advice on breaking gender barriers in technology and AI. Highlighting the need for women to showcase their skills confidently, she emphasizes the importance of addressing biases in hiring and promotion processes:

“Women have to show that they’re really good at what they’re doing,” said Ullrich. “That’s counter to how women usually are – humble about what they are doing and saying. It comes out in both the hiring and promotion process. What I tell women when they are going into interviews, is they have to remember that bias and have to start with the positive. Show them right off the bat that you’re technical. Start with that first so they can put that fear or bias aside.”

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