Calgary AI Leadership Breakfast

November 19, 2021

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

DHR International’s Calgary office hosted the Artificial Intelligence & Leadership Breakfast featuring guest speaker Bob Tapscott and Jeff Cohn from Elevate Partners. The pair discussed the AI revolution, and how the forthcoming technology tsunami will affect lives and businesses.  Other Calgary partners in attendance were Bryan ArthurSarah Hawitt, Simon Chinn, Shahauna Siddiqui, and Chris Marks with Jobplex. With 100+ people in attendance, including past, current and prospective clients, both Bob and Jeff addressed the AI revolution’s relationship to leadership, and specifically how having the right leader in place helps drive change throughout organizations.  The goal of the presentation was to introduce attendees to thinking about innovation, tech disruption, and leadership, and how it correlates to search work. A potential client in the tech space who was in attendance was so impressed with Bob’s presentation they invited him to tour their 3D Printing and Virtual Reality center where he spent a few hours post event. Jeff also discussed the DHR-sponsored survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. DHR and Harvard’s research surrounding innovate leader competencies provided the basis for a thoughtful and forward-looking discussion surrounding innovation and AI. A diverse group of clients, predominantly Vice President and C-Suite guests, attended the event, including those from the oil and gas, professional services, aerospace, higher education, cannabis, and high-tech industries. A question and answer session took place after the presentation. Guests received a follow up note with the presentation after the event and the Calgary team will continue to follow up as time goes on.  This is the third of similar DHR events hosted in previously in Detroit and Dallas. We look forward to the continuation of this event, receiving continuous positive feedback, and earning business. The Calgary office hosts a few events a year, with their next event in December.  They are inviting 150 clients and spouses to the Vertigo theatre.  The Calgary office conducted a search for Vertigo theatre for a Director of Development in exchange for the tickets and a private reception preshow.   Calgary AI event photo.jpg

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