Close Up Radio Spotlights Patricia Watters of DHR Global

Patricia Watters, Global Leader of the Automotive and Future Mobility Practice, was interviewed by Close UP Radio regarding Executive Search including how to encourage diversity and women leaders, why leadership matters and relationship building. With 30+ years of serving automotive and broader industrial companies, she draws on her own experiences in the corporate world as well as her passion for operations excellence, transformational change, and accelerating growth.

April 17, 2023



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“Our goal and mission as a company is to continue to grow in excellence.”

Here are some key takeaways from that interview:

Power of Women

Championing women in the workforce does not just mean promoting women for their contributions. As a member of Global Women at DHR and through the inspiring leadership of Jeanne Branthover, our team of women mentor each other, share best practices, hear ideas on how to manage through difficulties, and collaborate to create new business opportunities. Creating a culture of trust and mutual respect that cultivates this type of support and individual growth can happen in any organization.

Leadership Matters

Leaders define the values and culture of a company. Leaders set the tone and pace of an organization. Leaders mentor and develop the next generation. Leaders deliver on today’s objectives while envisioning where the organization needs to go in the future.  Leadership matters and investing in excellent leaders is the fastest way to impact a company or organization.

Relationship Building is Critical

Relationships in business are critical because people hire people with whom they want to do business. I have had the incredible experience of supporting a €80B global company over the last 13 years in their executive hires in N. America. My relationship with the CHRO has been one of the blessings of my 30+ year career. He is dynamic, visionary, inspirational and action-oriented and understands the true meaning of partnership. My experience with this company through 29 searches has given me unique insights into their culture and how they do business as I have built relationships with the business leaders. These relationships form the foundation of a working partnership that is built on trust and confidence that we, their valued partner, will deliver.

Delivering Diversity for Our Clients Begins on the Inside

Delivering diverse candidates in executive search begins with first embracing diversity inside our company. DHR actively promotes an inclusive environment which makes joining DHR attractive to diverse people. Search consultants and researchers from diverse backgrounds have diverse networks and accelerate our ability to tap and engage diverse talent for our clients. A full 49% of DHR placements have been diversity candidates over the past two years. That’s industry-changing.

Deep Industry Expertise  

DHR search consultants come from industry which means our clients work with high-caliber people who understand their industry, speak their language and who have been through the many market challenges and shifts that have shaped their industry. DHR consultants work at the forefront of technology shifts to bring specific talent and skills from other industry sectors when needed.  We apply our insights and experience to identify the candidates who will be the best fit for our client organizations and will be best prepared to lead into the future.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Working across industries and global regions with companies that are adopting new technologies, moving into new market sectors, and who are strategically ahead of market shifts keeps DHR closely connected to innovation and how companies are solving complex challenges. We are often recruiting for positions that require all new skill sets, technical knowledge, and the ability to envision a radically different future for our client and their products/services. This broad involvement during times of sweeping industry change makes DHR more strategic and valued by our clients.

Patricia Watters

Managing Partner

Patricia serves as Managing Partner in DHR’s Detroit office and as Global Leader of the Automotive and Future Mobility Practice Group. She brings over 30 years of leadership experience in automotive manufacturing, manufacturing consulting and executive search.

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