Q2 2022: Commercial Growth Talent Insights

Q2 2022: Talent Outlook for Revenue Driving Roles | CRO, CMO, CSO

The war for great talent is hotter than ever, despite inflation pressure and questions about whether a recession is looming. Candidates are asking for more – and getting it – including multiple offers, hybrid work arrangements. Searches are taking longer, especially for those clients who insist that candidates relocate. The “Great Resignation” has continued, especially in sectors hardest hit by COVID: retail, hospitality, travel.

Digital skills and technical fluency are now necessary in Marketing, Strategy and the C-Suite, not just in IT roles. In particular, identifying and engaging candidates in data & analytics or digital marketing has become virtually impossible without pre-existing “warm” relationships.

New roles in the C-Suite reflect a greater urgency to deepen consumer loyalty and reflect the new omni-channel reality: Chief Growth Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Experience Officer etc. The role of “Chief Digital Officer” is almost outmoded, reflecting that “digital” is now an imperative across the organization.

Driving topline growth now requires intense linkage with operations, planning, supply chain and IT. With supply chains disrupted and retailers and consumers more demanding than ever, we’ve seen greater collaboration across the organization. Soft skills, like verbal communication, collaboration, listening, and relationship building are essential as the parts of the organization respond together to changing, dynamic market conditions.

Finding Talent for Revenue Generating Roles

DHR’s Commercial Growth Practice focuses on delivering talent for marketing, sales and strategy roles that drive topline revenue – from Vice President to the C-suite.

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