S_HIFT_To_Future of Automotive: The Next Frontier in the Automotive Industry

October 1, 2019

Creating ecosystem-driven customer experiences

Where are the opportunities?

Between homes and offices most of us spend large amounts of time commuting but a growing awareness of transportation’s ecological impact has triggered a shift towards  public and shared transport. Automobiles continue to play a significant role in society, but one that is changing.

The entire automotive industry is witnessing massive disruption throughout the value chain. Digital technology in particular is proving the lever that is shifting the gears of transformation and driving ever more innovative customer experiences. With the car being used less for simple transport, that experience is now arguably more important than performance for the automotive industry.

A comparison of ten major cities across Asia Pacific by the Centre for LiveableCities, Singapore, in collaboration with the Urban Land Institute, Asia Pacific, corroborates this trend.

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