7 Ways to Spot Hidden IT Talent within Your Ranks

CIO, John Edwards, June 7, 2023

June, 2023

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CIO: How can CIOs best identify and elevate hidden technology talent for maximum impact?

Sal DiFranco, Managing Partner, Global Advanced Technology, shared his expertise with CIO, including that CIOs should rotate their team members’ responsibilities to unlock potential outside of their typical comfort zones.

“It’s important for individuals to show their inclination to learn and take on new challenges. They should have the willingness to take on rotational assignments and be open to trying new things that might be outside of their typical day-to-day responsibilities.”

Sal also shared that CIOs should avoid promoting individuals based on their length of employment instead of prioritizing skills and performance.

“Another common mistake is not considering external talent before making an internal hire, which can lead to overlooking a potentially better qualified candidate.”

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