8 Pressing Needs for CIOs in 2024

CIO, Linda Rosencrance, December 29, 2023

January, 2024

In the Media

CIO: Today’s top CIOs help to drive innovation, strategy, and growth while juggling priorities like intelligent automation, AI, and cybersecurity. Sal DiFranco, Managing Partner, Global Technology, shared with Linda Rosencrance of CIO the top priorities he sees for CIOs in 2024.

When it comes to AI, CIOs will be pressured by boards, CEOs, and other business leaders on how it will impact the business.

“In many cases there’s a positive outlook on driving automation, making employees more productive, and enhancing supply chain and commercial capabilities utilizing AI,” he says. “CIOs will feel pressure to help develop strategies around it to stay ahead of competitors and enable their business.”

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