Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

Springer Professional, Patrick Haberland, October 13, 2023

October, 2023

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SPRINGER PROFESSIONAL: While artificial intelligence is enhancing many aspects of human resources, such as employee retention and development, should recruiting be one of them? In his article published in Springer Professional, Patrick Haberland, Managing Partner, European Life Science Practice, explores how AI can support recruitment – where it can be helpful and where it might fall short.

“AI support in recruiting is something many want, but the tools are better suited to support employee retention and development than for attracting external candidates. Selecting specialists and executives is a complex process – one that is becoming even more costly, but also more important, especially in a candidate’s market. AI-based solutions promise to relieve the burden and are already being used when it comes to checking documents, for example. But how does it look in the executive segment?

First of all, it can be said: For both specialists and executives, the core of active recruiting is a well-founded analysis of markets and people, based on clear criteria derived from the need. Identifying companies and potential candidates in them is an intensive search activity. It stands to reason that some see potential for AI solutions here. In practice, however, as an experimental comparison test conducted at our company showed, they can hardly be realized at this point.”

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Article published in German.

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