CTOs in Limelight as India Inc Scrambles to Navigate Rapid Digitalization

The Economic Times, Sreeradha Basu, February 8, 2024

February, 2024

In the Media

THE ECONOMIC TIMES: As digitalization accelerates in India, Chief Technology Officers are in high demand across various sectors. The role of a CTO within organizations now stands on par with that of a Chief Financial Officer said Vikram Chhachhi, Managing Partner. This elevation is due to the critical importance of digital technologies and their pervasive impact across all aspects of an organization:

“The board is getting more involved with the technology function in companies as cyber, risk, and security issues are now front and center in the boardroom. The CTO is at the center of all these discussions,” said Vikram.

“We are witnessing the combination of the technology, information, and the digital functions/organizations under one leader who could be designated the CTO, CIO, CDIO or CDO,” he added.

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