HUL Managers a Happy Bunch

The Economic Times, Sagar Malviya & Sreeradha Basu, June 1, 2024

June, 2024

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THE ECONOMIC TIMES: In a competitive market, paying employees well is key to retaining top talent. Hindustan Unilever, despite facing talent poaching from other FMCG companies and tech giants, is committed to keeping its skilled leadership.

Vikram Chhachhi, Managing Partner, India, weighed in with some insight as published in The Economic Times:

“The pressure is lower now from startups but FMCG/consumer sector companies, tech services, product companies among others are also trying to hire HUL talent for their understanding of the Indian market in areas such as product, marketing, consumer behavior, brand communication etc.”

“When other companies are hiring, talent in the ₹1-2 crore (approx. US $ 120,000) bracket tends to be the sweet spot,” adding that net loss of talent from HUL has been higher at general manager and above levels in the last five years.

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