IT Hiring Picks Up Amid Ongoing Economic Concerns

TechTarget, John Moore, July 18, 2023

July, 2023

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TECHTARGET: From DEI initiatives to in-demand skills, read about the latest technology hiring and workplace trends in TechTarget’s IT Careers and Salaries Study wrap-up, featuring insights from Sal DiFranco, Managing Partner, Global Technology & Technology Officers Practices.

Sal discusses factors affecting CIO recruitment, which is the most wanted tech-oriented C-suite position, according to the survey.

The CIOs and CTOs most in demand have specific skills sets around providing and maintaining software as a mission-critical product. Such tech executives must ensure the reliability of the product and the dependability of the supporting infrastructure and cloud operations. “They need to be able to make sure that the critical products are delivered, [are] high quality and are up and running all of the time,” DiFranco said.

Organizations that are transitioning from on-premises IT to software as service, meanwhile, are looking for CIOs who “understand what that journey looks like” and can manage the engineering and IT teams to make it happen, he said. In addition, technology leaders experienced in software consolidation are in high demand, he added. Large enterprises that have made several acquisitions and have multiple CRM or ERP systems to show for it need someone experienced in rationalizing platforms.

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