Overstock.com Finishes Bed Bath & Beyond Rebrand

Barron's & MarketWatch, Sabrina Escobar, August 1, 2023

August, 2023

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BARRON’S & MARKETWATCH: As Overstock.com officially rebrands itself as Bed Bath & Beyond across its U.S. operations, the company has a strong focus on maintaining customer loyalty.

Marcey Rubin Stamas, Managing Partner, Global Consumer & Retail Practice, spoke with Barron’s reporter Sabrina Escobar about what executives must consider when rebranding in the retail space where brand loyalty is key. And, how specifically for these two brands, the result is a win-win.

For Marcey Rubin Stamas, Consumer & Retail Managing Partner at executive search company DHR Global, the deal was a “win-win” all around. Both brands are well-known for their focus on value, but the Bed Bath & Beyond brand has historically had stronger brand messaging, broader product assortment, and a loyal customer base, Rubin Stamas said.

And even though the company struggled in its last quarters before filing for bankruptcy, the brand wasn’t tarnished.

“I don’t think the customer saw them as distressed,” she said. “That’s the difference — it’s not a distressed brand, it ended up being a distressed company.”

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