You Won’t Believe The 4 Surprising Sacrifices Workers Will Make For Flexibility

Forbes, Bryan Robinson, Ph.D., August 7, 2023

August, 2023

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FORBES: Kristi LeBlanc, Managing Partner, Global Consumer & Retail Practice, shared her her personal journey as a working mother in a remote work environment with Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. at Forbes.

In this article, Bryan cites, “According to these findings [study from Carewell], working caregivers need flexible hours or remote work options above all else, with almost seven in 10 citing it as their biggest wish. Plus, 65% of remote working caregivers would consider quitting if they were required to go into the office. With 42% of working caregivers regularly experiencing conflicts between their work and caregiving responsibilities, it’s clear that employers need to provide more flexibility and accommodation.”

Kristi shared her personal experience as a working mom at DHR Global:

“Since joining DHR in 2008, I have had the complete flexibility to work remotely,” she told me by email.

“Our CEO at the time, knew when hiring me that I had three children, ages two, two and four. He was incredibly progressive in how he viewed hiring partners. Many women who have achieved senior partner status in their professional services careers at our company are also working mothers.

Affording these high-achievers the flexibility and trust to balance their work and family responsibilities in smart and efficient ways is one of the most stand-out competitive advantages for DHR Global. Company leadership trusts that parenting and careers can effectively co-exist.”

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