DHR International’s Global Conference

May 1, 2019

The 2019 DHR Global Conference was one for the ages as DHR is celebrating its 30th anniversary. This special event was the perfect celebration where old friends and new colleagues got to meet, exchange ideas for their practice groups and learn or reinforce their selling and leadership acumen.

There were many new partners in attendance, including a few still in the on-boarding stage! This time together is a beneficial resource to these new team members, helping them get better acquainted with the firm.

“Joining DHR right before the Conference was perfect timing from my perspective,” reflected one partner, who recently joined the firm as a Managing Partner.

“It allowed me to meet so many talented Partners from various parts of the globe across the firm. The spirit of collaboration and collegiality was infectious. In fact, I have already started strategizing with Partners in Asia and Europe on BPS targets, as well as local Partners on prospects within my own backyard. I am so delighted to have joined DHR.”

While this was a great networking experience to connect partners from around the globe, it was also a beneficial learning experience, with sessions regarding developing a team, strategizing global approaches, BD and relationship management and how to use the DHR Tool Kit. Practice groups also had the opportunity to breakout and hold meetings for their colleagues to interact and brainstorm new initiatives for the brand.

Frank Smeekes, Managing Partner, Europe, was able to gather many of the European partners for a meeting in advance of the conference.

“We had a great turnout from our European team in Las Vegas,” said Smeekes. “With this representative group of European partners, along with Geoff Hoffmann, Christine Greybe and Lorenz Pestinger, we were able to hold a meeting with the theme of ‘Designing Europe’s Future,’ allowing us to discuss the future of the DHR European offices and how to proceed in growing DHR globally.

From this meeting, they were able to takeaway actionable items, said Smeekes. “One important initiative that has come from this meeting was the establishment of a rotating European Marketing Committee to represent the European group and drive marketing initiatives.”

Since the Global Conference, many are already working on initiatives discussed in sessions and meetings, making this conference not only a fun event for all, but a productive one.

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