Client Story: Reduce Turnover & Improve Profitability Through DE&I

The workforce at a global oil & gas firm with 20k+ employees was becoming increasingly diverse (gender and generational) and was experiencing issues with an increase in derailing behaviors, a loss of productivity and performance, and a lack of leadership and managerial skills.


  • Leadership Effectiveness Index (mentoring, fair access to training and coaching, quality of work/life balance)
  • Organizational Inclusion Index (recognition, coaching, respectful feedback, clear expectations)
  • Established baselines and opportunities to improve
  • Measured level and impact of derailing behaviors
  • Quantified the potential financial impact of the derailing behaviors
  • Identified in excess of $450M in potential bottom-line fiscal impact

Benefits / Business Impact

  • A training and development plan was customized per department (IDP and KRA)
  • Fiscal metrics were linked to earnings per share
  • The culture changed: created Respectful Workplace Policy (RWP)
  • Reduced turnover, increased discretionary effort, improved profitability, increased innovation and creativity, and reduced costs

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