Keys to Creating a Great Company Culture

DHR Leadership Consultants Maryanne Wanca-Thibault, Ph.D. and Jonathan Hoyt sat down with Hunt Scanlon Media to discuss the keys to creating an effective company culture, as published in Executive Search Review, 2022 Hunt Scanlon Culture Transformation Special Issue.

What are some aspects of company culture that are working?

Wanca-Thibault: Sharing core values that guide how we work together and treat each other whether others are around or not. Also making people feel like they belong and are part of something bigger than what any one individual contributes to an effort. In addition, culture makes work purpose-driven so that people understand how their role fits into the larger picture.

Clayton: A great company culture is more than diverse. It starts with an inclusive approach to workforce, workplace, and marketplace strategies. As the composition of workforces are constantly changing, a great company culture has a growth mindset that is
intentionally inclusive.

Hoyt: The most important single thing to know about company culture is that culture is the direct result of the actions and behaviors of the CEO and other key leaders. These leaders hold the keys to strengthening company cultures. Without visible leadership from the top, cultures do not change. Culture means “how we do things around here” and is a reflection of the beliefs employees hold. If we want to contribute to a great company culture, CEOs and other key leaders need to understand the underlying beliefs that employees have and shape them in the right way with powerful experiences and stories.

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