Justin Hirsch Promoted To Chief Executive Officer & Human Resources Practice Group Leader At Jobplex

April, 2022

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CHICAGO, April 6, 2022 – Jobplex Inc., a DHR Global company, is pleased to announce that Justin Hirsch has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer and HR Practice Group Leader.

Previously serving as President and HR Executive Search Lead, Hirsch has been driving the emerging leader search firm’s growth for the past 10 years. He continues in this capacity in an elevated role to guide Jobplex into the future, while continuing to deliver the exceptional service and deep expertise to clients for which he is known.

Hirsch came to Jobplex from a boutique, retained HR recruiting firm, where he demonstrated success but was ready for his next challenge. With a desire to reshape, build, and scale a business such as Jobplex, he was intrigued by the opportunity presented to him—to lead the firm as President while also working with clients in an HR executive search role.

“When it comes to search firms, DHR and Jobplex together are a unique combination in the market,” said Hirsch. “I saw huge potential where we would be nimble enough to be able to customize, while having the deep global resources to effectively serve clients. It was, without question, the right fit for me to make an impact in the next phase of my career.”

Under Hirsch’s leadership, Jobplex has seen revenue grow 10-fold, along with a steadily growing number of clients and projects. The company’s footprint has expanded from a few offices in the United States to nearly 20 across North America and Europe, with Asia on the near horizon. Team size has grown five-fold, including specialist search Partners and a custom-built, dedicated Associate team. Hirsch’s focus on internal talent development has led to multiple promotions, with many top-producing Partners starting out in the firm as Associates.

“Justin has been instrumental to the establishment of Jobplex as the emerging leader search firm of choice,” said Geoff Hoffmann, CEO, DHR Global. “He’s successfully evolved the brand, built awareness, brought credibility, developed the team, and grown the business through exceptional client service and sharp business insights. We’re honored to have him on our team.”

During his 23 years in HR executive search, Hirsch has successfully managed hundreds of mid- to senior-level placements for Fortune 1000 clients across all industries. With his functional focus on HR, he has significantly scaled Jobplex’s HR Practice, which he credits to outstanding support from the firm’s dedicated HR Recruitment team. Using Total Quality Management (TQM) as a guidepost, the team works with speed and precision while building relationships and trust.

“Our future is very bright. With our strong team, focus on quality, and relationship-driven approach, we’re on track to meet our next 10-year growth plan, including fully expanding our global footprint and doubling the size of our team, while ensuring that we recruit the best talent for our clients,” stated Hirsch.

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